Mount Kilimanjaro Information

Mount Kilimanjaro, once an active volcano, now stands as the world’s largest freestanding mountain. Unlike peaks part of mountain ranges, Kilimanjaro rises independently from the surrounding plains, culminating in a snow-capped summit.
Located near the equator in northeast Tanzania, East Africa, Kilimanjaro sits just south of the Kenyan border within Kilimanjaro National Park. The park begins at the 2700m contour, with the nearest town being Moshi. Approximately 130km from Arusha and only an hour from Kilimanjaro International Airport, the mountain is conveniently accessible for trekkers. Kilimanjaro-Experience’s trekking office operates from Arusha.
For those contemplating the climb, Kilimanjaro’s appeal extends beyond its status as the tallest freestanding mountain. Its accessibility means you don’t need to be an elite mountaineer or in peak physical condition to reach the summit, though determination is crucial. Our detailed guide provides a comprehensive overview of what to expect throughout your journey, from pre-trek accommodation to every facet of your experience on the mountain.

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